John Franklin Bardin Biography

"There is only one motive for writing a novel: to be published and read. To me there is no distinction between the mystery novel and the novel, only between good books and bad books. A good book takes the reader into a new world of experience; it is an experiment. A bad book, unless the writing is inept, reinforces the intransigent attitude of the reader not to experiment with a new world. Since there are criminals and psychopaths and sociopaths in all my novels they are in a way psychological thrillers."-- John Franklin Bardin


A Short Biography

John Franklin Bardin was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 30, 1916. During his teens, he lost nearly all his immediate family to various ailments. As he approached thirty, he moved to New York City where during his adulthood he was an executive of an advertising agency, published ten novels, published literary criticism and taught creative writing as well as advertising at the NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH.

Also involved in public relations and journalism (see biographical data), Mr. Bardin died in New York City's East Village on July 9, 1981.


Born, November 30, 1916, Cincinnati, Ohio. Died July 9, 1981, New York, New York. Author of ten published novels; former managing editor, LEARNING AND THE LAW; BARRISTER, publications of the American Bar Association Press. He originated them ('73* & '74*). Managing editor, TODAY'S HEALTH, a publication of the American Medical Association ('72* & '73): Senior Editor, Articles Editor and Book Editor, CORONET ('68 to '72): Feature writer, United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York ('67 & '68); Associate Publicity Director, United Negro College Fund ('66); Instructor, Creative Writing (A Writers Workshop) and Advertising (Fundamentals of Advertising Copywriting), The New School for Social Research ('61 to '66); Editor, Technical Publications Department, Technical Measurement Corporation('65); Vice President and Director, Edwin Bird Wilson, Inc., an advertising agency ('44 to '63).

Prior to this Mr. Bardin worked in the advertising department of a bank, the production department of an advertising agency, as a book clerk in a bookstore, did free-lance market research for Barron Collier, and was a bench hand in a valve foundry.

He attended the University of Cincinnati, College of Engineering and graduated from Walnut High School in Cincinnati.

* During the years 1972 through 1975, John Franklin Bardin lived in Chicago, The rest of his adult life, however, from the early 1940's through 1981, Mr. Bardin lived in and around New York City.